Environs is staffed exclusively by King Hall law students. Journal leadership is drawn from returning second- and third-year students, while staff positions are open to students of all levels.

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Working on Environs gives you the opportunity to work with like-minded law students and introduces you to future friends and colleagues who share your optimism and enthusiasm for environmental issues.


Environs editors refine their cite-checking, legal research and writing, and communication skills, all of which are valuable resources in both law school and the practice of law.


Build your résumé by demonstrating your commitment to environmental law and your superior legal research and writing abilities.


Environs editors have the opportunity to cultivate and refine their bluebooking abilities, which are essential in all areas of law.

Positions at Environs


There are two Editors-in-Chief, one second year student and one third year student, that are jointly responsible for management of Environs. They are charged with article selection, overseeing the editing process, and author liaison. The Editors-in-Chief are also in charge of appointing Executive Editors and Senior Article Editors for each article. This position is staffed by returning students with at least one year of Environs experience. Minimum commitment: one academic year.

Managing Editors

There are two Managing Editors. The Managing Editors oversee the publication process, ensure a smooth transition from our final edits to publication, and manage subscriptions and invoicing. Managing Editors also handle the Environs website. This position is filled by returning students who previously participated on the Journal. Minimum commitment: one academic year.

Executive Editor

An Executive Editor is assigned for each Environs article. The Executive Editors ensure the accuracy of footnotes and citations throughout the article. These positions are generally filled by returning students who participated in the Journal as Staff Editors the previous year. Minimum commitment: one semester.

Staff Editors

Staff Editors work on a project basis. King Hall students of all levels (1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls, and LLMs) are invited to join Environs as Staff Editors. Staff Editors assist Executive Editors with preparing a specific article for publication, including editing and bluebooking. Editor time commitments are flexible as Environs understands that many students have demanding schedules. Senior Article Editors and Editors make up the Staff Editor team.

Senior Articles Editors are responsible for source-checking the footnotes in one article. Estimated time commitment: 6-10 hours in per semester. Editors are responsible for bluebooking footnotes in one article. Estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours per semester.

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Please feel free to contact us about our structure, our mission, or with general questions about becoming a member of Environs.